Artist's Biography

 I spent my childhood intensely interested in nature. My grandfather and I were known to take longs walks in the woods together. He was, among many things, a carpenter, a gardener and nature-lover. I spent time with him building in his wood shop, digging in his garden and walking the dogs. I learned to love nature as much as he did. And I still love doing all of these things.

During my formal schooling, I was interested in both art and science. These two warring worlds were adversaries competing for my time, interests, and resources. In fact, at one point, I was certified to teach in both fields.  It took most of my adult life to come to peace with a way to integrate them both into my vision and lifestyle.

My teaching experience  helped me hold on to that wonder-filled nature of children, but it was direct engagement with the natural world that I always sought.

I finally began understanding my art as the way to connect all of my interests.  I knew I could paint, photograph, grow plants, create landscapes, sculpt clay, and live among trees.  I am deeply connected to trees and to all of the natural world.  Art and nature are fused, as I always knew them to be. 

I am inspired to create works that honor the beauty of the earth.  Trees function centrally in the artworks - the art honors them as spiritual beings in their own right. I seek to increase my connection to the earth, and that of others, through art.    

I create original paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs; and also design and create landscapes and bonsai trees. Still a teacher at heart, I love residencies in schools where I can work with children and I teach classes to all ages. I hold a Ph.D. in Art Education from The Ohio State University and have over 20 years of teaching experience.

Murals, group workshops and other special commissions are welcomed.

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